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Date: 12/16/2019
We are in Barcelona within the Scope of "International Business Networks and Clustering for SMEs".

The Eskişehir Chamber of Industry continues its activities within the scope of the project titled “International Affairs and Clustering for SMEs” financed by the European Union. In this context, important contacts were made with the business delegation program held in Barcelona, Spain between 10-13 December 2019 in order to develop mutual commercial relations.

Speaking about the trade delegation program carried out within the rail systems sector, ESO Chairman Celalettin Kesikbaş said, "Barcelona Chamber of Commerce from Spain, Rhone-Alpes (Lyon) Chamber of Commerce from France in a special project implemented by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry to increase the export capacity of its members. and the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a local partner. The project is specially developed, especially in the aviation and rail systems sectors, to increase the export capabilities of firms, to establish new business networks in Spain and France, to develop relations between Chambers and Clusters and civil society dialogue. In this context, the details of the trade delegation, which will be held in the field of rail systems industry in the same region, were discussed in the near future. said.

Chairman of the Board of ESO, Gürhan Albayrak, who chaired the delegation, stated that they visited the Consulate General in Barcelona, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Railway Cluster and the Spanish companies operating in the sector. The ESO delegation determined the program's road map by determining the details of the comprehensive trade and purchasing delegations planned in February and April 2020 with the relevant parties.

Along with the needs analysis, workshops, export trainings, consultancy programs, trade and purchasing delegation organizations that will be carried out within the project, ESO member companies will be provided access to foreign markets and the promotion of the Eskişehir aviation and railway sectors will be made on international platforms. In addition, a Cluster Coordination Office will be established within ESO. The project aims to create important business networks for the Eskişehir industry.