Data Base


  • Separating the passenger waiting area and rail line in the platform,
  • Preventing the contact of the passenger waiting in the platform with the vehicle in motion,
  • It has safety functions that will prevent the passenger from entering the railway line voluntarily / involuntarily,
  • It is a technological product in which sliding door, emergency exit and platform end doors are electronically controlled and monitored.
  • PSD is mandatory for driverless metro lines (GoA4).


  • It increases the technical safety at the stations, preventing the passengers from getting on the rail line, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Increases the station entrance speeds of the vehicles and increases the number of trips of the enterprise.
  • It prevents the wind load that occurs during vehicle entry with the metal powder affecting the passengers waiting in the platform.
  • It increases the comfort of air conditioning in platforms. (Closed Full-Height PSD)
  • It saves energy used for ventilation. (Closed Full-Height PSD)
  • It reduces the noise level of the platform. (Full-Height PSD)
  • It increases the announcement quality of the platform.
  • It prevents confusion by guiding the passenger's landing and boarding.